Winter is finally over and for the house as for everything else, we think lightness, renewal, and freshness! Here are a few ideas and a bit of inspiration to make sure that spring is everywhere in your home.

Bringing spring inside

Greenery and flowers, that breathes life! If you are not used to doing this, consider placing small vases containing a few flowers, a branch or other forms of greenery in several places around the house. Even a single small branch full of buds adds beauty and vibrancy to a decor! No vases? Any small glass, bottle or other container (for example a Mason jar) will do just fine.

Changing fabrics

Sheets, curtains, throws, covers, blankets... It's time to change them for lighter ones! These Egyptian cotton sheets are of very high quality... to allow you to have sweet dreams!

Add a touch of greenery

Cushions with a green pattern, it adds life! Other trendy colours for this spring: yellow (sunshine, daffodils, dandelions!), pale pink and turquoise.

On the table

For your spring tables, don't hesitate to add colour and flowers!


At the same time as the spring cleaning, take advantage of this opportunity to tackle some projects of organization and simplification! For example, you can identify items for sale at a garage sale (these are particularly popular in the spring), sort books and other items in your library to get a more orderly look, or rearrange your pantry.

The smell of spring

After the "spicy" and heavier odours of winter, we replace candles and potpourris for softer, more floral or fruity smells. Don't forget the effectiveness of a diffuser for burning spring essential oils!