Apartment gardening

Everything you need to create your own garden on balcony!

You’d like to indulge in the joys of gardening and enjoy fresh vegetables that you’ve grown yourself… But you don’t have a backyard or land around your home. Worse, you live in a city apartment and only have a mini…

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The cucumber: how to plant, care for and harvest it

The cucumber is a vegetable plant of the cucurbitaceae family, and is therefore related to melon and squash. Rather easy to grow, some basic care allows for an abundant harvest throughout the summer. Note that the procedure is essentially the…

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Tips for a good layout of your vegetable garden

Before planting a vegetable garden on your balcony, remember one thing: it must be easy to maintain. Also, make sure you have easy access to water it properly; it is essential to its survival. Here are the main points to…

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The potato: how to plant, care for and harvest it

The potato is one of the most satisfying vegetables in the garden, as it always allows a prolific harvest, provided that the following tips are followed. You choose the variety according to your culinary habits: the texture differs according to…

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Complete step-by-step guide to creating a garden

Mother Nature is the only natural ally for a viable garden so it is best to put her on her side and position your plants under the best possible light source. Otherwise, patience and discipline will be the rules to…

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