Before planting a vegetable garden on your balcony, remember one thing: it must be easy to maintain. Also, make sure you have easy access to water it properly; it is essential to its survival. Here are the main points to consider before getting started:

The orientation of your balcony

A south or southwest orientation is ideal, but some plants are better suited to a north-facing orientation. Ask for information to choose the right type of plant.

Respect the rules

Find out about the rules for your balcony if you live in a co-ownership. Also, be aware that hanging planters are prohibited outside the balcony in many cities.

Your budget

The budget for your vegetable garden can increase rapidly. Write down your wishes and consider pots, tubs, soil, shoots, plants, fertilizer and tools to take care of them.

Measurements and sketches

Take the measurements of your balcony and make a sketch while thinking about creating a little corner to relax.

Choosing the right pot

Ceramic and terracotta pots are detrimental to good oxygenation. In addition, water evaporates with difficulty in these cheap pots and the temperature rises quickly, which would tend to stress our plant friends. Take the time to shop: many options are available to you!

Protect yourself from intruders

The wind brings unwanted guests to the balcony. Weeds, pollen, even insects can bring in species you didn't plant. Consider protecting your vegetables from the wind with a hedge of small potted trees, with birch or bamboo branches attached, specially designed outdoor fabrics or even a screen.

A caretaker for your vegetable garden

During your summer holidays, be careful not to let your vegetable garden dry out. If you have a big budget and no really nice neighbour, opt for an automatic watering system.