Françoise de Felice is a talented painter of Italian descent. She was born and raised in Paris, where she kick-started her journey in painting. The journey towards becoming an artist officially commenced when her grandmother introduced her to graphic art. She worked at an advertising workshop. Some of her works are in galleries located worldwide, but if you want to buy a piece, head over to Françoise De Felice art for some excellent deals on paintings.

Françoise later attended a school in Sorbonne, and, from there, her career took off. Her first piece used the impressionist style, which was a standard painting style in Paris. She painted this in 1982, after which she left the country to settle in Sicily. After leaving Paris, she developed her painting signature, from which she would paint the Sicilian baroque and the island’s light in fluid shapes and fine lines.

Here are some of her most famous works to date:

Le Singe, 2017

Françoise did the le Singe painting in 2017, and it is pretty outstanding. The painter has indeed mastered her painting skills; the painting is of a monkey holding her baby. The little one seems to be clinging on to the mother. This painting perhaps speaks of her motherly instincts. The painting’s background is a shade of blue, contrasting with the monkey’s colour shade of cream. Her painting style draws from both her instincts and her depth of thought.

Portrait de femme III

This is perhaps one of her most recent paintings, as it was only released in 2020. The painting is of a woman with a dark complexion and rather untidy hair. The woman in the painting is wearing a frown, which may illustrate she is unhappy with the happenings in her life. A closer look at her chest reveals that she has scars as it is covered in red and this shows her life is full of suffering. The Portrait de femme painting shows the struggles a dark woman goes through in her everyday life. In all her arts, Francoise tells a story about everyday life.

Dragons, 2019

Dragons are mythical creatures used by different communities to symbolize different cultural beliefs. In the dragons painting by Francoise, two women are seen holding two heads of dragons. In many of her works, Françoise intends to bring out the feminine side of her. She wants to inform that women are strong and that they are the pillars of society. In her own small way, she makes the audience travel through time and connects various cultural beliefs and references.

Le dernier voile, 2020

Here is yet another Françoise de Felice art. The painting is somewhat controversial as it is of a naked middle-aged woman. When translated to English, the closest definition of this painting’s title is ‘wedding veil’. For a woman, her wedding is one of the most important days of her life. Therefore, Francoise sought to bring out this aspect in the picture, which came out quite well. The painting is also well done, and the painter pays close attention to detail. The painter used oil as the medium, and the themes of the painting are nude and portrait. The dominant colour is beige.

Divinite Guanyin, 2019

This painting shows a Buddha goddess, and it has a religious theme, which is evident at first glance. The term Guanyin refers to a widely beloved divinity who has miraculous powers. In other communities in China, she is referred to as ‘the goddess of mercy.


Françoise de Felice carefully thought through and meticulously executed her works. She is a celebrated painter who has paved the way for many other female painters globally.