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Françoise de Felice

Discover the works of Françoise de Felice in the estades galleries

Françoise de Felice is a talented painter of Italian descent. She was born and raised in Paris, where she kick-started her journey in painting. The journey towards becoming an artist officially commenced when her grandmother introduced her to graphic art….

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The occasional armchair: one for every room in the house!

In a decor, some pieces of furniture have more impact than others… For example, a huge built-in bookcase, an antique china cabinet, an inviting sofa… This is often also the case for an occasional chair. Even more than any other…

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How to give your bathroom a makeover at a low cost?

Is your bathroom outdated or does it really lack dressy style? The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to spruce up that central room in your house or condo. Often, a few well chosen touches…

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How to easily organize your entrance wardrobe

With the daily comings and goings, activities and whirlwind of busy families, the front door closet can often become an indescribable mess, not very functional and very frustrating. Here are some tips on how to regain control of this very…

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How to choose a bedside lamp?

A bedside lamp has two functions: to provide extra lighting in a bedroom and to contribute to the decor of the bedroom! In general, the biggest mistake people make is choosing a bedside lamp that is too small for the…

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Tips to refresh your decor in springtime

Winter is finally over and for the house as for everything else, we think lightness, renewal, and freshness! Here are a few ideas and a bit of inspiration to make sure that spring is everywhere in your home. Bringing spring…

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