In a decor, some pieces of furniture have more impact than others... For example, a huge built-in bookcase, an antique china cabinet, an inviting sofa... This is often also the case for an occasional chair. Even more than any other item in a room, these allow you to express a brighter style, add colour and even a touch of fantasy.

A function for every room

Of course, at the base, a chair is made to sit in. But depending on the room it is in, the occasional chair will not have quite the same use. In the living room, it will help to create different areas for talking or watching TV. In a master bedroom, it will tend to anchor a quiet corner for reading or to put the finishing touches on your clothing. In a baby's or child's room, the chair will be used to rock, read stories, sing songs before bedtime... It should be big enough to accommodate everyone! In an office, it will allow you to receive clients with more panache than a simple chair. In a dining room, it can be brought to the table as needed to accommodate the visit.

How to choose an occasional chair

There are different considerations in the choice of this type of furniture.

The room and functionality

A chair that will go in front of the TV in the living room will probably serve a much greater purpose than one placed in an entrance or hallway, which will have a more decorative function and will be used instead to put down a coat or a bag temporarily. Therefore, the practicality and especially the level of comfort will become much more important in the first case than the second. Think of the frequency of use of the chair in question, but also of the duration of use! For a booster chair in which you want to watch a movie or read all afternoon, comfort is of the utmost importance.


Do you have a lot of space or would you like to create a corner in a small area? There are beautiful chairs for both of these situations, but you just have to keep it in mind!

The people in the house

If there are young children and/or pets, the booster chair should be very sturdy and covered with a material that is both easy to care for and durable.

Existing furniture

Ideally, the occasional chair should match the other pieces of furniture in the room... But that doesn't mean it should be part of a set! On the contrary, this type of chair should act as a centrepiece and stand out from the rest of the furniture. But it should still be reminiscent of the rest of the room, whether in colour, style, upholstery, etc.


There are as many accent chairs as there are styles! They can be more or less imposing and can fit into different types of spaces. Some are similar to chairs with backrests but better cushioned (perfect for the dining room), some are made to curl up or even lie down (particularly suitable for the living room) ... Different styles can be arranged in a decor, whether it is vintage, classic, more contemporary or very trendy.