Is your bathroom outdated or does it really lack dressy style? The good news is that you don't have to spend a fortune to spruce up that central room in your house or condo. Often, a few well chosen touches are all that is needed. But what can you bet on to completely change the look of a bathroom on a budget? Here are a few ideas.


It's amazing how a simple detail like a new faucet can change everything in a bathroom! All decorators know it: it's often the touch that makes THE biggest difference and turns a bathroom from a relic from another era into a suddenly much more contemporary room. Buying a new faucet is an excellent investment for your home, both aesthetically and functionally. Today, there are products for every budget, as well as many models in different finishes and colours, whether it be chrome, brushed stainless steel, matte black, white... To make a change and create a beautiful focal point in your bathroom, why not opt for matte black? It's a growing trend these days, allowing you to completely transform the room at little cost. A perfect example of this trend is the Myrto model from Rubi Faucets, available for both the vanity and the bathtub.

The walls

Since the bathroom is often a fairly small room, the good news is that it's easy and quick to repaint or redo the walls! To add a little colour and life to a bathroom, focusing on a single wall is often enough. If you've always dreamed of adopting the wallpaper trend but never dared, trying it on a bathroom wall is probably ideal. There are also many self-adhesive wallpapers available today, which are very easy to install. Remember to choose a timeless pattern that will not go out of fashion after a few years... Or else choose the latest trend, knowing that this type of wallpaper is very easy to remove if you change your mind later!

The hardware store

Opting for new accessories can also change the whole look of a bathroom. Think of the vanity handles, but also the toilet paper holder and the towel rail. If possible, add a few matching hooks, which are always handy! Robinetterie Rubi offers, among other things, the superb ChloƩ collection in chrome, with its sleek and modern style.


Changing the light fixture can also bring a bit of renewal to a bathroom. Once again, the trend is towards different finishes and styles: traditional, industrial, rustic, retro... Even though we still see a lot of large-format bathroom fixtures and wall lights (useful if, for example, there is little natural light, no other lighting sources, etc.), it may also be interesting to choose a more discreet fixture, even if the space is not necessarily limited. This style immediately gives the bathroom a more intimate atmosphere. Here is an example of a wall light with two Hampton Bay lamps, with a nickel finish and Art Deco style, offered at Home Depot.

The Shower Curtain

Refreshing your shower curtain is one of the fastest ways to give your bathroom a new look! Choose fabric if possible, for more durability. It's a chance to let your creativity go and let your style speak for itself...