Relooking the living room and making it more attractive is essential to optimize the sale of your house or apartment. Home staging is a real estate valuation technique based on remodelling the space to appeal to potential buyers. Neutral and renovated living rooms are more likely to be attractive during visits. This article has made a selection of decorating tips for a home staging of the living room that works. Mistakes are frequent when selling your house or apartment. A decor that has not been updated, furniture that is no longer in fashion or a style that is too personal can be a hindrance during visits. As soon as they enter the living room, potential buyers should be able to project themselves without hesitation. A trendy look and a new look are likely to appeal to most people. For a successful home staging, there are only three watchwords: refresh, makeover and depersonalize the space. With a small budget that does not exceed 3% of the total value of the property, the idea is to provide a quick and effective decorative refreshment. Giving a design touch to the furniture, renovating a floor or installing a glass roof are all clever ideas to optimize the living room decoration.

Cathedral-roofed lounge: well-appointed and decorated interiors

With an exceptional ceiling height, the cathedral-roofed living room is a spacious and comfortable living room. Under the vaulted ceiling of five metres and more, there is no lack of space, but sometimes ideas for furnishing. Indeed, how can you make the most of all this space without the layout appearing anecdotal? By mixing warm coverings, raw materials and other more cosy materials, by playing the card of a total monochrome look, and by using furniture of the right dimensions, these cathedral-roofed lounges have it all. Havens of peace and ultra-light, they have made the glass roof their trump card, a way of maximizing the brightness in the house or apartment. Industrial, contemporary or minimalist, each of these cathedral-roofed lounges refines the atmosphere with a taste for excess. See for yourself. Far from being dark and cramped, the cathedral-roofed living room plays on superlatives: almost celestial ceiling height, unequalled luminosity, impressive volume. Without losing the convivial and warm character of a classic living room, this generous room also offers us a glimpse of the surrounding landscape, since it is largely open to the outside. It is perhaps the garden itself, the real added value of the rooftop living room. Almost immersed in nature, it borrows its codes from the interior, where raw materials such as wood warm the large volume. Most often located on the ground floor, it is not uncommon for it to be located next to other rooms in the house, with the kitchen and dining room at the top. Not to mention the mezzanine that plunges directly into his own. Under the roof, the cathedral living room displays in turn the modernity of architect's houses or the cachet of wooden huts. Discover 12 of them where one could spend a lot of time dreaming.